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Snorkeling at Black Rock on Kaanapali Beach

One of the most enjoyable activities for those that love the ocean is snorkeling! Everyone from the elderly to children can do it, provided that they are good swimmers, so if you are enjoying a relaxing stay at one of our vacation rental condos in Kaanapali, you may want to consider this activity.

Kaanapali Beach is known for its mild conditions, but for the best experience snorkeling around Black Rock, you should go early in the morning. As the day wears on, the weather generally tends to grow more choppy and visibility is reduced. That being said, the water is usually very clear around Black Rock.

Your snorkeling journey should take you from the south edge of the rock to the north and back. The water begins at an 8 foot depth and slopes down to 25 feet. Numerous coral colonies grow on this rocky peninsula and attract a wide variety of colorful fish. You will often spot turtles in this area and might even catch a glimpse of the elusive octopus. You will be more likely to see those if you are night diving, which is another activity that Black Rock is great for.

Of course we have to caution you to be responsible and pay attention to warnings and weather conditions. Ultimately you need to judge for yourself if conditions are favorable enough for snorkeling. That being said, we hope you have fun! Snorkeling can open your eyes to a whole new world beneath the surface of our beautiful Pacific Ocean.