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1 - Maui Hang Gliding via Flickr

Hang Gliding on Your Maui Vacation

Looking for a bit of adventure on your Maui vacation? Exploring Hana's famously lush rainforest is always highly recommended, and if you think it's awe inspiring from the ground, just imagine how it looks from the sky! Hang Gliding Maui offers powered hang gliding lessons involving breathtaking tours over Hana.

Each lesson is a one-on-one tandem session with an experienced sport pilot. The instructor's seat is situated at the front of the glider, with the guest seat just behind it. The aircrafts used by Hang Gliding Maui are Australian made Airbourne trikes. These special gliders are fitted with three wheels, an engine with a silencer kit, two sets of controls, and a backup ballistic parachute system. In addition to the intelligent design of their gliders, Hang Gliding Maui has a 100% safety record.

As most veteran vacationers know, the road to Hana can be rainy. Hana itself, is sheltered from high winds, and Hana airport (where Hang Glide Maui departs from) has around 350 flyable days a year. In these winter months we recommend calling in advance to book your trip and check the weather.

If you're traveling with a group, you would have to go up one by one, as each glider only holds the pilot and one passenger. Hang gliding lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long and range between $150 and $250. Hana is a beautiful place to spend the day and while you're up in the air, your friends and family will have an excellent time of their own, on the ground.

Passengers between the ages of 10 through 87 have taken flight with Hang Gliding Maui. In addition to the once in a lifetime memories of soaring over black sand beaches, thick green forests and deep blue ocean, they offer 24 photographs of your trip for $30 and a 34 minute DVD for $70, both taken from special, wing mounted cameras.

Lessons with Hang Gliding Maui can be booked on their website at www.hanglidingmaui.com, by email armin@hangglidingmaui.com, or by phone at (808) 572-6557. In the meantime, if you haven't yet booked your Maui vacation accommodations, we'd love to assist you. We provide a wide range of beautiful oceanfront condo rentals in Kaanapali. You'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

Photo Credit: Nan Palmero via Flickr