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Maui Weather Via Webcams

Whether you're currently on a Maui vacation, planning one, or simply pining for our white sandy beaches, Maui webcams can be useful. In fact, they are a commonly overlooked online resource when it comes to vacations and general interest about the islands. What better way to keep track of the weather than seeing it for yourself through a live streaming video feed?

Most of the island's webcams are located near the beaches, which means you can visually assess their conditions from wherever you have an internet connection. There's a lot of regional nuance when it comes to Maui weather, which can be too unpredictable for weather reports to keep up with. That's why webcams are so useful for planning your day.

Webcams are particularly convenient if you're thinking about leaving your West Maui accommodations to explore South Shore Maui, or vice versa. For example, While West Maui might be sunny and clear on a given morning, South Maui might be overcast. Paia on the North Shore could be sunny and clear, or some light rain could sweep through the area. If you've booked an activity, whether out on the ocean or inland, you can decide whether you should bring some layers or hats and sunscreen right before you leave. If you're on Maui to surf, windsurf or go kite boarding, webcams are the only way to evaluate the break if your vacation accommodations are in a different area.

Webcams can also be used from home in the long term, if you want to familiarize yourself with seasonal weather conditions. When a big storm hits the news, or there are high surf advisories, you can check it out at any time and compare conditions between places.

The truth is, weather reports aren't the same as seeing the sky and the ocean conditions for yourself. Even if you aren't particularly interested in weather conditions, you can check in every so often just to admire your favorite shores.

To get started, check out www.frontstreetcam.com, which is in Lahaina. They provide links to several other cams around the island. You'll have to skip past an ad, but afterwards, you can watch and control the cam when it's your turn. We hope you find them fun and useful! Mahalo for reading!