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Paragliding on Your Maui Vacation

By Kenneth Rothman

What if you could soar through the skies over Maui without the loud rumble of engines? Have you considered Paragliding? If you were thinking of parasailing, the whales prevent that activity, but paragliding is available because it isn't an ocean activity. Paragliding takes you up the mountain of Haleakala for your launch, and then it's just the sound of the wind, and the view of the island beneath your feet as you drift through the sky with your tandem instructor.

Proflyght Paragliding is owned by Dexter Binder, who is also an Advanced Tandem Instructor. All of their instructors are certified by the U.S. Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association, and they are the oldest and only full-time paragliding school in the entire state. According to them, they chose to operate on Maui because it is the nicest place on earth. That's why you might hear the phrase "Maui no ka oi" meaning Maui is the best. We certainly can't argue!

Proflyght operates throughout the year, and on most days of the year, if the weather is safe. They are located at Waipoli Flight Park on Haleakala, the larger of Maui's two mountains. They offer their services to everyone from first time fliers to those with experience. If you want to learn how to be a pilot, you can train at your own pace. Hey, who knows how long you're visiting for? Plenty of people have made use of our website to book Maui vacation rentals and then wound up on our Maui real estate website before buying a home and moving here permanently! It happens all the time.

Maui is an excellent place to go paragliding, whether just once or for training, and that's not just because of the natural beauty of the island. Some have insisted that when it comes to paragliding, the weather conditions are some of the best in the world, and consistently so. The seasons aren't as prominent in Hawaii as they are on the mainland, because we are so much closer to the equator than the other 49 states.

We hope that if you end up giving this adventure a try, you'll have an amazing experience! For more information, click the first link in this blog, or call (808) 874-5433. Mahalo!

Photo Credit: m a n d o l i n via Flickr