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Twin Falls - Beautiful waterfalls located in East Maui

Twin Falls of East Maui

No trip to Maui is complete without taking a dip in a refreshing waterfall pool. If you're planning a visit to Hana and you're looking for locations to stop, this should be first on your list. Twin Falls is the first major series of waterfalls on the way to Hana. Alternately, if you or anyone traveling with you gets too carsick for the winding roads beyond this spot, Twin Falls is a fantastic place to spend an entire morning or afternoon.

Located at Mile Marker 2.1 on Hana Highway, the parking lot for the falls is easy to spot. Don't be dismayed if the parking lot looks crowded, the grounds of Twin Falls are far more expansive than they seem at first glance. Here, you'll find delicious organic snack stands and portable restroom facilities (a feature that most waterfall spots are not equipped with).

Twin Falls is privately owned, but generously shared with all who visit. The grounds are carefully tended and lovingly nurtured by the owners. The gravel road that leads to the falls and hiking trails is actually a long driveway for residents of the area. Walk along this broad path for a half a mile and you'll find a pair of foot paths.

The left fork leads to Ho'olawa li'ili'i Stream, unique irrigation masonry, the iconic Caveman waterfall and a multitude of upper hiking paths. The right fork will take you to Ho'olawa Nui Stream, a hand-dug tunnel created in the 1800's, more lovely waterfall pools, and a rock wall trail that leads to a secret set of falls.

Be free to explore the paths you find and feel the exhilaration of the fantastic jungle hikes. If you get hot, jump in one of the pools to cool down. If you decide to bring your camera along, there are plenty of incredible spots for photo opportunities.

Remember, if you're planning on cliff diving or jumping, always explore the pool you are jumping into first, and make sure to look very carefully before you leap. Keep your eyes peeled for warning signs posted at the front gate, because flooding may occur with excessive rainfall.

You can find directions to Twin Falls here. It's quite a drive if you have accommodations in Kaanapali, or any West Maui location, but it's worth the journey. Don't forget your swim suit, towel, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and least of all, your sense of adventure! We hope your Maui vacation is everything you want it to be!

Photo Credit: Prab Bhatia via Flickr